Blue City Solutions (‘blue’) is a global partnership of private entities in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East working together to achieve zero-emission cities by 2050.

Our process

Blue identifies and implements solutions which are sustainable financially, socially, and ecologically: good for the bottom-line, the community and the planet.


The UN expects that in 2050 two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities


Blue cities

Blue opens up new global markets for the best-performing, scalable solutions by rapidly increasing their visibility and adoption. Blue will advance solutions that deliver high-performing financial growth, are technically superior and enable platform-scale interoperability throughout the world.

An example: smart mobility

In the Netherlands, the strategy of a collective footing has led to a standardized, interoperable and brand independent infrastructure for electric vehicles. Dutch utilities cooperated with solution providers to create a standardized electric charging infrastructure for all electric car brands with an open business model for operators of charging stations.

What about the government?

The central government’s role was limited to creating the right conditions. Clean air political agendas resulted in tax breaks and providing specific parking space for electric vehicles locally.

Implementing smart city solutions, smart application of modern technology combined with physical infrastructure, should lead to cost reductions and improvement of public services, thus resulting in a higher standard of living.

The smart mobility case has become a model operating process that Blue aims to replicate across other industries.

Traffic Management
Cyber Security
Electric Mobility
Real Estate

Blue summits

A demo-day for the best solutions and an invitation only forum for global c-suite energy executives 

Demo day

Technology & solutions providers present best in class products for evaluation and deployment. Both established corporations and young entrepreneurial companies are eligible to participate. Participation criteria will be announced soon.


Global energy leaders meet in a closed-door forum focused on strategic growth opportunities relating to zero-emissions cities and zero-emissions buildings.

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The global demand for Smart City solutions will drastically increase due to urbanization and digitalization creating a $1,5 trillion market towards 2020.


About the Blue Team

Blue City Solutions is an independent organization with a global footprint, founded as a not-for-profit corporation.


  • Hester Kranendonk, community manager and legal counsel
  • Hans Tobé, founder, CFO
  • Philippe Tarbouriech, CTO


  • Jeremy Adelman, founder
  • Andrew Barbeau, founder